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About Me

Welcome, my friend! Thank you for visiting my site; I’m so glad you’re here. Now, grab some tea and settle in – this section is all about me and my healing journey…


Crystal Healing


I first became interested in crystal healing in 2009 when, after years of enduring chronic pain from Lupus and Fibromyalgia, a clerk in Denver suggested I try wearing Amethyst to help. I will admit I was more than skeptical. However, if you have ever suffered from a chronic illness you know that desperation will motivate you to try just about anything. Also - bonus for me - I love Amethyst! I donned a beautiful amethyst necklace that day, and soon forgot it was even there. After about 2 weeks, a friend of mine asked me how my pain levels were. I was shocked when I realized I did not feel drained from the ‘white noise’ of the constant, grinding pain I had been accustomed to. As a person with both natural curiosity and a yearning for knowledge, I decided I needed to find out what was going on. Was it simply the placebo effect?


As it turns out, there is much more to crystal healing than placebo. I learned an enormous amount through years of self-study, and have also graduated from the Crystal Healer Course offered by Hibiscus Moon’s Crystal Academy. I learned a lot from Hibiscus, and I will be forever grateful for the course that helped me understand the fascinating, and very real, science behind crystals. My learning didn’t end there – I was hooked! I found Ashley Leavy and her school of Love & Light through a fellow Crystal Healer. I loved all that Ashley offered and resonated deeply with her message and passion around crystals. I took (and graduated from) Ashley’s Advanced Crystal Practitioner Program as well as several of her workshops that include Crystal Healing for Animals, Gem Waters, Crystal Elixirs & Vibrational Sprays, Crystals & Sacred Geometry, as well as others. Despite the intense courses, I consider myself a perpetual student and will continue to learn and expand my knowledge about crystals and healing.




I studied the “Usui” method of Reiki and received my first two Reiki Level attunements in 2012. I’ve been a Reiki Master since 2016. While I primarily practiced and trained to administer treatments on people, I’ve incorporated animals (mostly dogs, cats, and ferrets) into my scope as well.  Reiki can be given either in person or at a distance. I will often combine crystals into my Reiki treatments in order to amplify and/or complement the healing effects.




Similar to how I felt initially about the crystal healing phenomenon, I was once quite skeptical of readings (psychic, tarot, palm, etc.). However, the more I’ve learned about alternative medicine, healing, and other “unorthodox” practices, the more open-minded I’ve become. Out of pure personal curiosity, I have been studying Lenormand Cards, Tarot, and Oracle for many years on my own. It is only recently that I’ve gotten more serious about formalized, structured learning and practice in readings. I have taken courses from Jenna Matlin, Sal Jade, and Marti Angeloni. I prefer using Lenormand cards, as they resonate most with me personally. However, I am happy to provide Tarot and Oracle guidance as well.


I have long been a lover of the Moon and Stars. If you ask any of my friends, no matter what phase the Moon is in I will point it out and ‘ohh and ahh’ at her brilliance! I have studied Yasmin Boland’s books and courses, as well as use her Moonology Oracle Cards and Diary. I wanted to further my understanding of the cosmos and, so, last fall registered for a course called Expedition Astrology. I hope to soon offer a deeper offering in this area.


Essential Oils


As far as essential oils, I have self-studied for many years. I’ve been delighted to see that oils have recently come into mainstream awareness. Not only have I read countless books and attended several workshops on essential oils - I am now blessed to be studying with Herbal Academy’s Entrepreneur, Advanced Herbal & Botanical Skin Care Courses and Aromahead Institute’s Aromatherapy Certification Program (as well as many of their other short programs) . I am learning so very much and can’t wait to share this knowledge and enhance my other healing services with a blend of natural herbal food medicine.

Mediumship & Psychic Intuition


Early on in my journey I found one of Sara Wiseman's books at Watkins Bookstore in London while on a business trip. It really spoke to me. Shortly after I discovered her Intuition University and took her first three Spiritual Psychic courses along with three rounds of her Graduate Practicum courses which are each 8 weeks long and a group mastermind for her advanced students.


Yoga Teacher Training


Several of my dear friends are Yoga Instructors. I wanted to really learn more about Yoga - not only the poses - but holistically. I knew I would not be an instructor but thought the 8-weekend/ 200-hour training designed for those who wanted to teach would work well for me. It was the first big commitment I had made for myself in over 20 years. The training was life-changing, and I met people who have forever impacted my life. Not only did I learn how the poses work to move your physical, spiritual and emotional body, I also saw a tie between so many other metaphysical concepts I’d learned - for example, how the quality of your breath directly impacts so many other areas of your life.




This is where I will state and remind everyone that I am not a medical professional, nor do I play one in any facet of my life. Please never take any statement I make and think you should abandon directions from a doctor or medical provider. No post or website comment should be considered medical advice.  You are responsible for consulting a medical professional before trying any new herb or remedy mentioned by myself or in any related forum. The information I provide is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine, particularly if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.


Outside of the Metaphysical world I work in the High-Tech Industry, protecting information and being a general geek.


Thank you for visiting! I can’t wait to work with you.

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