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Mercury Retrograde - How to Roll & Flow

All the planets and our Moon impact us and our emotions. Some of us even deal with physical effects.

What is Mercury all about?

It is most well known as the planet of communications. How we speak, our written communications, how you express yourself, how you think and process information, negotiate and, in the reverse, how that data is received by your target as well as how you receive data from others. It has a HUGE impact on all of us.

Mercury also impacts transportation…. commuting, trade, commerce, sense of humor, desire to learn & ability to learn new things.

So, what does it mean when Mercury is in Retrograde?

This happens when a planet appears to move backwards. Of course, the gravitational pull does not actually change. It takes our planet 365 days to orbit the Sun. However, Mercury is much faster at just 88 days. One Earth year equals 4 for Mercury. It’s all an optical illusion.

Just before Mercury goes into the Retrograde phase you will see if faintly on the horizon close to where the Sun has just set. At the end of the Retrograde cycle you will see it just before the Sun rises.

As with any astrological cycle the beginning and end of each is the strongest. This means the pre-shadow and post-shadow may impact you the most.

When a planet goes retrograde the things associated slow down or stall out. The top items people notice with Mercury Retrograde seem to be communications, travel/transportation and technology.

You may find yourself with a glitchy phone or computer, lost keys, miscommunications causing anger and frustration with those close to you, travel interruptions, etc.

It’s not all doom and gloom!

Old friends, and exes will get in touch with you. Older tech products break down, you get a new upgraded one. Slowing down may result in a contract that favors you more than the first one, care with a discussion makes it turn out better because you were mindful of communicating carefully and clearly.

If you were born under Leo and Mercury goes into retrograde in Leo, you may notice the impacts of Mercury Retrograde more strongly. However, those born during a Mercury Retrograde, you may not feel the impact at all. There have been reports of people who claim that a Mercury Retrograde works in their favor.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to slow down and gather more information before making a decision.

Do not try to put all decisions on hold. Mercury Retrograde lasts 6-7 weeks in total with both shadows.

Do try to make your travel arrangements and start any contract negotiations before Mercury Retrograde starts when possible.

Backup your computer, double check flight times, drink lots of water, engage in self-care & GROUND

Regardless, realize there may be bumps and be flexible and roll with it. When you keep this mindset, it will be easier to digest when problems arise.

Do not assume the sky will fall and everything will fail.

REtrograde reminds us to focus on things like:





















Mythology of the god Mercury

Mercury is also known by the name Hermes.

Mercury is considered the god of boundaries and escorts the newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife and is able to move freely between the realms of mortal and the divine also known as a pychopomp.

He is the protector and patron of roads and magick, travelers, merchants, sailors, herdsmen, gamblers and thieves.

He is known as the ‘divine trickster’ and his symbols are his winged cap & shoes and caduceus staff given to him by Apollo

Mercury Retrograde October 2020 in Libra and Scorpio

  • Pre-Shadow Period: September 23 – October 15

  • Retrograde Station: October 13

  • Retrograde Period: October 13 – November 2

  • Direct Station: November 2

  • Post-Shadow Period: November 3 – 19

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